Special Needs Planning


Every year, we work with Special Needs lawyers, accountants, and other professionals to provide informational seminars which cover imperative information for Special Needs family planning.


Upcoming 2018 Workshops:

"Planning a Life: Transition Consideraitons for Your Child's Future"

Gives families a broad overview of what benefits to expect after their children transition from school based services to adult based services

  • LSHS SEPAC at Lincon Sudbury High School in Sudbury, MA May 1 @7PM
  • New England Yachad at Temple Sahlom in Newton, MA, May 8 @6:30PM

"Coordinating Your Special Needs Plan with Your Housing Vision" featuring Catherine Boyle from Autism Housing Pathways

An overview of various disability housing models, funding streams and how best to coordinate your vision with your financial situation

  • Ivy Street School in Brookline, MA May 2 @6:30PM

"Special Needs Planning: Coordinating Your Special Needs Financial and Estate Plan"

Maximizing government benefits, preserving government benefits via estate planning techniques, financial planning (creating a long term budget for child, how to efficiently fund special needs trust), ABLE Act, and more.

  • ​Dell/EMC Franklin Campus in Franklin, MA  April 25 @12:00PM
  • Seven Hills Foundation in Worcester, MA April 26 @5:30PM

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These seminars are for educational and informational purposes only. Neither New York Life Insurance Company nor its Agents or Affiliates nor River Financial Group or its staff provide tax, legal or accounting advice. Please consult your own professionals for tax, legal and accounting advice. Any discussion of investment products is informational only and not intended as a solicitation of those types of products. The guest speakers appearing at this seminar are solely responsible for the content of their presentations which may not necessarily represent the opinions of New York Life Insurance Company or its subsidiaries.

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There are a number of tools available to help prepare for your child's future that maximize government benefits and individual savings. We can shed light on the options available to families who have a child with special needs. We can help you identify the key challenges to your child's future security, and personalize a plan that helps meet your expectations for your child's quality of life.

The plans that you make now will help provide peace of mind for you, as well as your family members. Take a moment and look over our checklist provided below:

Here are some questions to consider...

  • Have you selected a guardian to care for your child when you are no longer able to do so, and have you executed the necessary legal documents?
  • Have you written a letter of intent to express your wishes for how your child should be taken care of in the future?
  • Are you familiar with the government benefits available for your child, and do you adequately understand the standards that must be met for your child to qualify for those benefits?
  • If friends or family have included your child in their wills, have you ensured that it will be done in a way so that your child does not lose available government benefits?
  • Do you have a will that was drafted with special consideration and provisions concerning your special needs child?
  • If something happens to you today, are there adequate funds to care for your special needs child for the rest of his or her life?
  • Have you set aside specific funding or life insurance for your child, and is that funding properly characterized so as to not disqualify your child from government benefits?
  • Do your estate and financial advisors specialize in planning for families with special needs children?
  • Has an attorney created a Special Needs Trust to protect your child's present and future interests, and have you completed a thorough financial review to determine adequate funding for a Special Needs Trust?
  • Are you certain that that you have ensured that your special needs child will have the quality of life that you want for them?

If you answered no to one or more of the questions above, you may benefit from Special Needs Planning.

If you are interested in receiving more information on Special Needs Planning, click here.

Not having a plan may result in many unintended consequences of which you should be aware. Each family has its own unique circumstances, however, there are steps that everyone can take now, which will make a profound impact on the future.

River Financial Group can help you crystallize your goals and objectives and determine if your plan makes sense and is properly funded.