Our Process

We are a full service financial firm working with families and business owners to help them crystallize goals and objectives into a meaningful, holistic plan. Our process always begins by getting a complete understanding of what our clients are really trying to accomplish from a family and financial perspective.  The cornerstone of our recommendations is always based on objectivity and independence.

Comprehensive Financial Planning1

Using an integrated web based software, we give our clients their own financial portal that helps tie together all of the things that are important to them. We use detailed analysis that considers time horizon, tax rate, risk tolerance and general attitudes towards money. In this way, we are able to help give our clients specific recommendations customized to their unique situation. We find that this holistic approach leads to a more efficient use of resources.

Sample Financial Plan

Retirement Planning

Retiring can be a confusing time full of uncertainty. After working most of our lives and getting a paycheck, many folks find it scary to all of a sudden have that income stop. We help to answer the imporant questions of "Where is the money going to come from?" and "Will I have enough?" Taking into consideration all available resources such as; social security, retirement accounts, pensions... we are able to help formulate a plan and make sure that retirement is secure.

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Special Needs Planning

We understand that having a child with unique circumstances requires unique planning. Unlike having typically developing child, families that have children with needs must face a variety of day to day challenges- coordinating doctors/ therapists, interacting with school systems... Often, the idea of financial and estate planning gets put on the backburner. Our team helps to untangle the complexity of the financial and estate planning conisderations that can be associated with government benefits, needs analysis and trust funding

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